Peace and Struggle: Machine or organism

 The Vienna-based International Peace Foundation recently brought to Singapore "Bridges: Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace," its strange model of spreading the ideals of "peace" through lectures by Nobel Prize winners in various scientific fields. When I walked into the lecture hall on the central NTU campus I saw a half-filled auditorium bathed in the sound of Patti Smith singing the words "People have the Power" over and over again.

Ontological Wrong Turns

Apparently, there was a big hoopla in Chicago at the AAAs (I wasn’t there). “Ontology”, “the ontological turn”, “multiple ontologies” . . . . what’s this all about? A member of Anthony’s lab in France, Gildas Salmon, has written a helpful historical guide to the “ontological movement” (and showed the beginnings of a possible critique).

Is China a risk society?

Is China a risk society?

Gaymon Bennett on DIY Bio

CBC's "The Current" aired a feature on DYIBio and synthetic biology, for which they interviewed Gaymon Bennett:
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Visibility & Power

“The reality principle must be read as it is in fact designated: as the strain of experience sanctioned by the subject of science.”

“One is always responsible for one’s position as subject. Those who would like to may call that terrorism.”

– Jacques Lacan



Nihilistic Reason

Self-cognizant accommodation
“The new cynicism, precisely because it is lived as a private disposition that absorbs the world situation, does not glaringly draw attention to itself. It envelops itself in discretion; this is the key work for charmingly mediated alienation. The self-cognizant accommodation…no longer sees any reason to expose itself aggressively and spectacularly.”

Malicious Acts

Observations on the Academic Milieu (1):
Délation & Méchanceté

Délation: Surreptitious denunciation


“The refusal of the opponents to engage in dialogue for enlightenment is of itself such enormous significance that it becomes a theoretical issue. Those who do not want to participate in enlightenment must have their reasons, and they are probably not the alleged reasons. Resistance itself becomes a topic in enlightenment. The opponents thus necessarily become ‘cases’, their consciousness an object. Because they do not want to talk with us, we have to talk about them.

Enlightened False Conscousness: Paraskeue

It is worthwhile to return to Sloterdijk's "Critique of Cynical Reason" and to approach it not so much as a theory but as a set of maxims that can be turned into an equipmental set of paraskeue. In such a manner one might be able to develop the ability to fend off the ceaseless flow of baseness that is ever-expanding today. Sloterdijk's book is now several decades old--the widespread use of the internet and the slavish cyborg habitus of the former intelligentsia was only just dawning.

Reproaches: Jacob & Isaak

Having been accused in the nastiest and most self-righteous of tones by a certain "Jacob" on Somastosphere of attempting to rethink the practice of anthropology (which this Sargent of Normalization labelled as as if our efforts were legislative), we are now confronted with another minor acolyte of delation and denigration (of course without having the courage or honesty to present his views in a venue in which those mocked or reproached could respond), let's call this coward "IsaaK", who accuses us of being virtuous scientists or at least --- we might reply attempting to be so.