Vives: speak

After boycotting China, should the righteous boycott Malaysia?
A new order forbids non-Muslims from pronouncing the word "Allah".
Apparently Christians can say it in their churches but not beyond. Bibles are being confiscated as they are portable.
No doubt the righteous can learn from the Chinese about the web.
Still wondering what the moral scales are that are involved for the righteous?


Gaymon Bennett wrote 3 years 3 weeks ago

Freedom and Violence

In the anthropology of Islamic reform we are told that freedom must be keyed to the growth in capacities mediated by the rigors of an intensified tradition. Disciplinary apparatuses are not inimical to self-formation. Aristotle is cited. A hedge is put around piety as non-equivalent to sharia (a loop-hole for possible critique?), and the debate internal to reform movements over who has the right to enforce norms of comportment is cast as an alternative democratic possibility.

Freedom understood as the liberty to resist dominant norms, we are chastised, is a Christian liberal remainder that clouds anthropological clarity. A judgement has been made: let us observe how the violence of religious conformity is simply the price to be paid for capacity. But when Augustine wrote that acts of individual choice are prepared by long processes of terrible and coercive teaching, fear, and constraint -- the "awesome discipline of God" -- we should keep in mind that he and his fellow bishops were on the imperial ascendency.

Paul Rabinow wrote 3 years 4 weeks ago

Vives or vices?

take your choice.

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