Gabriele Taylor's Deadly VIces

Linked to this post is a short excerpt from Gabriele Taylor’s Deadly Vices – from a chapter on envy and covetousness – a book which resonates with our reflections on the minor vices. A virtue of this book for our project is the way in which Taylor attends to the multiplicity of subject positions that are actually inhabited within the relational fields entailed within the purview of a broad term like avarice. There seem to be two deficiencies for our purposes. First, Taylor is interested in specifying the types of subject positions that were sketched out in medieval moral theology and other penitential writings and in exploring the logics that make these types realistic. His attention to multiplicities, in other words, is oriented more to figural typology than analytics – although the former might be a version of the latter. Second, Taylor seems to be more interested in the psychology of vice than in the physics. That said, his attention to the question of the possible coherence of vices as types does include attention to how the vices work.

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