We should heed Marilyn Strathern and start undertaking self-criticism and making it public.
Watching the negative reaction to President Obama (when the economy is the best in the Western world, health care and the like as well as his civil liberties disasters) alerts us to the trope of "aloofness." That seems to be his main vice (in addition to being Afro-American).
This trope is at play with us. A major difference is that Obama is President of the United States. Still, the aloofness is something to be considered and perhaps remediated for us.

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Paul Rabinow wrote 3 years 5 weeks ago


Aloofness is often equated with arrogance.
Those excluding somehow feel excluded.
The confusion over arrogance is the fact that we are seceding because of negligence, indifference and hostility. Because there is a certain amount of symbolic status, secession is coded by arrogance.
If those coding it were ever willing to engage in agonistic or other forms of exchange we are open to that.
The problem is that we have thought many things through for a number of steps (and ripostes) and this makes some people hesitate when it is so much easier to evade, stereotype and the rest.
We should start preparing for countering these before the Reader appears.

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