Enlightened False Conscousness: Paraskeue

It is worthwhile to return to Sloterdijk's "Critique of Cynical Reason" and to approach it not so much as a theory but as a set of maxims that can be turned into an equipmental set of paraskeue. In such a manner one might be able to develop the ability to fend off the ceaseless flow of baseness that is ever-expanding today. Sloterdijk's book is now several decades old--the widespread use of the internet and the slavish cyborg habitus of the former intelligentsia was only just dawning.

"Cynicism is enlightened false-consciousness. It is that modernized, unhappy consciousness, on which enlightenment has labored both successfully and in vain. It has learned its lessons in enlightenment but it has not, and probably was not able to, put them into practice.
Well-off and miserable at the same time, this consciousness no longer feels affected by any critique of ideology: its falseness is already reflexively buffered." (page 5)